Basic Design Elements of Iron Gates, Fences and Railings

Before ordering a gate you should first decide on the material you’ll be using. We have another guide to help you decide between iron or wood.

If you do choose iron, it’s essential to know what elements make up a simple gate design.

Post Caps: Simple Design Accents

Post caps are the accents that we put on top of our gates. For instance, if you look at the top of the picture to the right, you’ll see some Victorian themed gate caps, which are pretty common for our jobs. However, there are many different styles of gate caps from pineapple to acorn or spade and ball shaped. So, be sure to look out for which style you like best. Our image gallery might help provide some inspiration. 

Custom iron gate with vine detailing
an example of the baluster simple design element

Balusters: Changes To Simple Design

Another common design element is balusters, which are pieces put in the bars of your gate or fence. In this picture, you can see in the center of the gate the small square-shaped objects that we added to this gate. These pieces add depth and artistic style to your piece, which makes your gate or fence even more unique. Balusters have fewer design choices, but you still have plenty of options to consider. 

Baskets: Another Simple Design Element

There are also baskets, otherwise known as hallow balusters. They are the hollow pieces on the bars of this iron fence you see here. They add some great complexity to the iron project your wanting and we personally like them because of their elegance. Adding these to your gate can really make it flow, and as you can see in the picture you can always do a mix of solid and hollow balusters.

An example of baskets as a simple design element
Walkway gate with security lock

Simple Floral Designs

Floral Elements are probably one of the most popular components, especially for gates. They add a lot o beauty to the piece and give it less of a harsh looking design. Many peole love them for the front of their home. Its a perfect represenatation of teh beauty of nature, mixed with the strong, sturdy perception of iron.

Scrolls: Common Designs

Lastly, we have scrolls which are the pieces of metal that seem to flow and swirl. These ad a lot of elegance with less of the “natural” style that can come with the floral elements. We have a lot of newer/modern homes that like this style because it ads some curves to their property without taking away from the concept of beauty in simplicity that they are going for.

A walkway gate we installed in Carmichael

We hope that you have found this blog helpful, and if you ever have any questions about design, please feel free to give us a call by contacting us.