How Wrought Iron Can Dramatically Improve Curb Appeal

But first...What Is Curb Appeal?

Before you get to work, it’s important to understand what you’re trying to improve! ‘Curb Appeal’ is simply what it sounds like: the appeal of your home from the curb. 

An easier way to understand it is the first impression your property gives off. For example, if you have giant spider webs your house may give off the impression that it’s haunted. We don’t want that.

Curb appeal is especially important when considering the resell value of your home. Think about it – if the outside of your home has low curb appeal why would a buyer want to go inside?

When we talk about improving curb appeal it’s usually about redesigning your home to be more appealing. There isn’t a formula to find a home’s curb appeal – it’s all subjective! But, as we’ll discuss, wrought iron can be a handy tool in your improvement project. 

Why does any of this matter? Improving curb appeal will increase the value of your property and help it sell faster. 

Using Wrought Iron To Improve Curb Appeal

As we walked about in our comparison between iron and wood gates, wrought iron is a highly customizable and long-lasting material, which makes it an ideal upgrade to your home.

Put simple: wrought iron increases the value of your home more than other fence or gate materials. To help explain why, we’ve broken down the benefits into 3 different categories:

  • Design Customizability: Wrought iron is highly malleable, which means it can be custom designed to complement your homes most impressive features. 
  • Security: Wrought iron’s strength means it can protect your property from intruders and teenager’s backing up without looking.
  • Longevity: Iron can withstand the test of time, which means it will last much longer than most other improvements.

Design Customizability

custom fence to improve curb appeal

Once wrought iron is heated it can be bent into any shape or design. One of our favorite examples of its customizability is building a fence around a tree. Since trees are one of the most important improvements to curb appeal, you’d never want to remove one to install a fence. Not to worry! Wrought iron can be beautifully integrated.

Wrought iron allows you to create beautiful designs better than other materials like wood or vinyl. Fences and gates will always improve curb appeal simply because they emphasize your property, but wrought iron can more easily match the rest of your outdoor aesthetic. 

Our iron gate gallery has tons of great example. 

A fence custom designed to improve curb apeal


iron gate to help curb appeal

Homebuyers have a ton of things on their ‘must-have’ list, but most people can agree they want their house to be safe and secure. Wrought iron is perfect because it can bend before it breaks. Think about it…how would you even snap metal in half?! Well, we know the answer but that’s because we’re blacksmiths.

So, if you have a fence or gate made of wrought iron it means your property is more secure than someone with other materials, thus improving curb appeal and property value. 


Properly installed ironwork can last decades. Even if the iron starts to get old, maintenance is easier than wood because you can simply remove and replace portions. 

While some curb appeal improvements are easier to install, this one will last much longer. Homeowners will recognize that value. 

simple metal handrail in white

More Ways To Improve Curb Appeal

Of course, wrought iron isn’t the only way to increase curb appeal! Here is a quick list of other improvements you can make before installing wrought iron:

  1. Clean up the landscaping (grass, trees, etc)
  2. Clean and update your roof
  3. Repair the exterior walls
  4. Clean up the driveway
  5. Spice up the front door (knockers, decorations)
  6. Install new lighting
  7. Upgrade your mailbox
  8. Get new house numbers

Summary: Wrought iron can be customized to your home, keep it safe, and last a lifetime. Contact us if you’d like to improve your curb appeal today!